Sydney Distinguished Gentleman’s ride 2013

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Photo took during the Distinguished Gentleman’s ride 2013 in Sydney. Freshly back from my Tour de France Motorcycle I raised money for the research against prostate cancer.

I know The DGR is usually for “vintage” bikes and my brand new Kawasaki was not the good ride… but as you know my CB750 is not feeling well and is quit far from Sydney anyway. Next year… I gonna have my own custom…

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Napoleon on a Kawa Z1000

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Quick photomontage of an international French icon on a bike. I made for a special event happening in 2 weeks. The Distinguished Gentleman’s ride 2013. I know I don’t have a vintage bike here in Australia, but that’s not a problem… the concept is to help raise funds for research into Men’s Prostate Cancer and I gonna need your help 🙂
I am gonna suit up, get a moustache, jump on my bike with a cigar and help find a cure.

I try to raise money and you can sponsor me by clicking this link

Don’t hesitate to sponsor me, even $5/$10 would be awesome 🙂
Let’s kick that bloody prostate cancer in the bum! And yes, Napoleon was a time traveler!!!

Video Presentation for my “Tour de France moto” project

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Et voila! My animation is done. Here the video to present my personal project of “Tour de France” in motorcycle. Hope you like it.
Motorcycle enthusiast since I was a child and Creative Designer at 303LOWE – Sydney, I decided for my return in my home country after 2 years in Australia to do a “grande boucle” in Motorcycle and discover or re-discover my country.
Visit France with me on
I ride, I shoot and I share…
Big thanks to Michael, Rece, Nono and especially my Father who took care of the bike. 😉
Thanks for watching.

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Harley-Davidson Judgement Day

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Responsive website for the Judgement Day event for Harley-Davidson. 40 dealers around Australia and NZ are fighting for their best custom. But only the user can judge.
Massive effort by the 303LOWE digital Team on this one. Using the Responsive technologie to have one website for all the support (Desktop, Digital and Mobile).
TVC, Flash animation, EDM and Webdesign for this 4 weeks event.

Essai Logo – Tour de France 2013 Moto/Cafe Racer

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New test of a logo for my “Tour de France moto” project. The bike is at home, an old Honda Cb750 Bold d’or of 1981… older than me..
Now I need to finalize the customization into a Cafe Racer Mod and check if everything is allright to take the road in August…
The logo is maybe too complex..and will be simplified for the Helmet. Logo on one side.. My number 7 on the other one… But I think I’m getting close…

Harley-Davidson Road Trip in NSW Australia – Photoshoot

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Did not post for a while here… being really busy with Harley-Davidson these last months. I had the chance to drive my first Harley in the last big week-end for a NSW Australia Roads trip with Harley-Davidson Australia.
4 bikes, 4 days and 2000 kms on the Australian roads… AWESOME.
I’m actually working on two massive projects… one is for Harley, which should be live in a couple of months… keep in touch..

See the photo of the Harley-Davidson Australia Road Trip New South Wales 2013 on Google+