Cross-Platform Mini-Games

IKEA Pinata Smash – Birthday bash, is a microsite

made by  303LOWE – Perth for IKEA S-A.
The concept of the game is a simple Pinata Game for IKEA SA members.
It is an online experience that makes grown ups have fun and feel like kids again.
Over $10,000 work of prizes to be won over the weekend with
this big ‘Pinata Smash online game’.

Illustration / Graphic Design

The game was designed and developed to be responsive and work for any platforms,Desktop, Tablet and even Smartphone. I was in charge of the design, UX graphics, Illustration and also the animation process.From the Piñata Stage, the UX environment and also the illustration of the Piñata itself. An awesome project to work on, and a fun mini game to play.